(post)modern thermodynamics

school + workshop: 5-9 December, luxembourg

DALL-E’s idea of a Maxwell demon doing physics in Luxembourg

Hi all,

if the second law of thermodynamics is not just a social functor, then what is it exactly? Big question… Whatever it is, it is reason enough to get along together! So feel free to join our school + workshop on the new foundations of thermodynamics proposed by the Complex System and Statistical Mechanics research group and by the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine of the University of Luxembourg.

We propose a five-day immersive experience. The first half-week will be dedicated to a Ph.D. school about thermodynamics based on stochastic processes, and the second half is a workshop of 25’ contributed talks (currently open to abstract submissions) to promote discussion on fundamental problems in nonequilibrium physics, cross-fertilizing areas such as stochastic thermodynamics, active matter, quantum thermodynamics, chemical reaction network theory etc. There will be a poster area and the opportunity for a 1′ flash talk for presenting the main ideas of the poster in a single slide.

Participation in the school and in the workshop are independent, but we strongly encourage students who attend the school to also attend the workshop. The deadline for abstract submission and funding request is October 16th, while for no-contribution registrations it is November 13th.

We will offer lunches and coffee breaks, plus we have limited funds to grant accommodation (check the registration page for details). Furthermore, we plan to organize some informal social events, more details to come.

We will record all lectures and talks and make them available online after the event, but there will be no possibility for online participation. Official certificates of participation will be awarded. The event will be cancelled in case of COVID-19 resurgence.

We really hope to see you in Luxembourg! Until then, just think about what does the second law, for you…

The Organizers

“What could it mean […] to provide a social explanation of a natural phenomenon? It is to show […] that a quark, a microbe, a law of thermodynamics, an inertial guidance system, and so on, are not what they seem to be – incontrovertible objective entities of nature out there – but the repository of something else”

Bruno Latour